Win a Month of Free Maintenance – Monmouth Walk COA

Dear Homeowners,

In the next few days, you will be receiving election documents via US Mail.     In order to receive the 73 votes to establish a quorum, your Board of Trustees is offering one homeowner the opportunity to win a free month of maintenance for December 2017.

All you need to do is to return one of the 2 colored documents with your signature and your ballot/proxy will be entered into a drawing.   The lucky winner will get a month of free maintenance, a  $238 or  $119 value, accordingly, and you don’t even need to attend the meeting!

Even if you don’t wish to vote, all you have to do is be an owner in good standing and sign the bottom of the ballot/proxy along with your unit address.

Be sure to look out for the election mailing and submit your paperwork ASAP!



Ramona Schilling, CMCA

Senior District Manager

Executive Property Management

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